Who We Are

  • Where do music and technology meet? In the hands of a DJ. Where does creativity and technology meet? In the hands of a Graphic Designer. This is the heart and soul of understanding who we at Deejay Designz are. Having music, creativity, technology and the need to be hands on, in the fibre of our DNA, this is what we need to be.

  • Having all started one fateful day in 2008 as purely a graphic design company from the need to make another company grow, every year has given this company a reason to learn and to grow which will always keep it young at heart, because we never have and don’t intend to ever stop learning, be it from our industries, our clients or our day to day perfection challenges.
  • To become a power house for creative media and advertising , for not only a  big corporate entity but also right down to small business and even an individual who needs brand management. We aim to conquer this mission by achieving the following goals:

    Offering a total creative marketing solution to help build brand equity using:
    1. Research and Development to understand the clients market and in turn provide strategies based on that data.
    2. Event and campaign building and implementation.
    3. Integrated Brand Communication (Internal Strategies and External Strategies).
    4. Interactive and brand specific Web sites which encompass your brand and engage your clients.
    5. Saving our clients time by not only having online capabilities but also Print, Radio and Video mediums available.
    6. To serve our clients better by being in tune with the technological updates becoming available and introducing these streamlining concepts to our clients.

  • When it comes to quality and service, we have set the highest standards for ourselves. We very strongly base all our graphic design services on an interactive process.

    Our services also include understanding your company, your corporate values and your company vision. All of this enables us to deliver top quality products with a minimised turnaround time, while keeping the cost low.

    We provide unbeatable value for money. Not only do we provide you with great OMG, out of this world design but we our team and amazing network of industry professionals we source thee BEST solutions to help you achieve maximum coverage and exposure for your business. Let us help you help yourself.

 Maybe this will help you understand us…