Web Hosting

Get your own space online

How it all works…

So you’re looking to get a website, be it for your business or personal use… it all goes a little something like this, we like to compare it to buying a house.

1. Decide where you want to live… Domain Registration

What will the name of your website be? eg. www.deejaydesignz.co.za / www.deejaydesignz.com / www.deejaydesignz.it

This is an annual fee. Prices Vary depending on which you choose – “.co.za” – R110, “.com” – R180, etc.

2. ┬áDecide what your budget is or how big the space you’ll need is…

Look to the right for our Webhosting Packages

3. Now that you have your space, Decorate it… Web Design and Development

That we quote on depending on your requirements…