Graphic Design


Deejay Designz strive to assist companies in building their brand image, creating their marketing presence and unique corporate identity. We help you every step of the way – from company name creation to creating your logo, business cards and stationery, and even your website. We design and print everything from company profiles, posters, vehicle branding, stationery, catalogues and much, much more. We specialize in all your advertising and marketing needs.

We believe there are numerous angles involved in a marketing effort. Through our creative and innovative approach, we create the brand image you require and build your brand awareness through the countless services and products we offer. Put your brand image in our hands and we’ll work our magic.

What Design should do for you?

Attract more clients

Effective marketing material draws the attention of potential clients, and assists you in standing out from your competitors.

Display professionalism

Express that you are established and should be taken seriously – A strong brand image can convey that your company is far bigger than it actually is.

Create a sense of trust

If a company looks professional, your potential customers are more likely to trust that you can deliver what they need.

Ensure clients remember you

A large percentage of people remember what they see far better than what they hear or read.

Stand out from your competitors

Your brand image can highlight your competitive advantage and tell how you do business.

Establish a sense of pride and commitment

Make your employees proud to hand out your company’s marketing tools.


From Corporate Identities including logo design, letterheads, complimentary slips, business cards and more to Personalised Wedding or Birthday Invites, Photoshopped Portraits and more to Event Posters, flyers and more…

Deejay Designz can assist with all your Graphic Design needs, be it Corporate, Personal or Marketing based… Check out our portfolio page for examples or just drop us an email or fill our the below form for a quote.