Web Design and Development

It doesn't Exist unless its online

Here at Deejay Designz we believe that form must equal function when it comes to web design. Having a well-designed site isn’t just about having great colors and fonts, but it’s also about the way the user interacts and navigates through the site. Your user should feel comfortable on your site, easily find the information they are searching for, and want to come back again and again.

r Custom Web Design

Our design team is well versed in creating custom sites that not only showcase your unique capabilities, but also makes it easier for people to do business with you. When creating your website, we always keep the best practices in mind.

w Custom Web Development

Identifying an appropriate software development model is the first step for any project. The model is based on the project’s requirements in terms of schedule, delivery, and quality. These may be the traditional software development models, or lightweight agile software development models involving feature-driven, responsive development. Each model is associated with a set of procedures. These procedures are designed to maximize benefits and reduce the risks that are inherent in any development project.

f User Interface/User Experience

Providing you with the best in user interface design is at the core of our everything we do. However, having an easy-to-use interface does not guarantee a positive user experience—with everything we design, our focus is on creating the content, navigation, and features that will attract new visitors and keep your current users coming back. Whether it’s building a website, ecommerce platform, or mobile application, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your online outpost provides the greatest possible user experience.

. Online Branding

Deejay Designz embraces our clients brand to fully understand the tonality, voice and essence. We strive to fully understand your brand, the assignment and the competition to deliver an end product that meets user and business needs.

A creative brief is developed to capture the ideal brand interaction online. Specific calls to action that are required to truly transform the online channel into a acquisition, retention and participatory channel will need to be “baked” into the core creative concepts. Understanding the competition will enable the creative director to guide the team to highlight the attributes of the brand and core functionality that is strongest.